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Picture of curb address numbers painted on a curb! Picture of address numbers on a trash can. I started painting curb address numbers in 1988.  I have over 18 years experience with curb painting address numbers.  This course has been recognized and copyrighted by the United States Library of Congress (TX #5-697-763).  This curb painting course is an easy read and will teach you how to paint curb address numbers!  If you ever have any questions about the curb painting course, you can e-mail me and I will be happy to assist you.
Just so you know that I am not making this whole thing up and this job has existed for a while, check out the link below.  The article is titled "HOUSE NUMBERS - THE "INSTANT PROFITS" BUSINESS" and was published in Home Business Publications in 1993.

I was painting curb address numbers five years before this article was published by Home Business Publications.  I use different techniques and supplies from those outlined in the above articles, but the end product is essentially the same and my techniques and methods are more practical and easier to follow.  Some of the references in the articles above are outdated.  Specifics in the above articles are not given for all the required materials and procedures you will need to use.  I have made my share of mistakes painting curb address numbers.  You don't need to make the same ones.  That's where this course comes in handy.  It will teach you everything you need to know to become successful curb painting address numbers.

Hand holding money earned from Curb Painting! Hi.  My name is Jason.  I have been selling this curb painting course for about 5 years.   When I started painting curb address numbers for homeowners, I was skeptical that I would make any money painting the adress numbers.  And I'm guessing that is probably how you are feeling right now.  Let me tell you my story:

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My face as a cartoon character. I started painting curbs when I was in college.  I was working at Macy's making minimum wage, $5.25 at the time.  I use to work there three to fours nights a week and I would make about $70/week.  I use to think it was decent spending money for a college student.  One day after class, one of my friends took me out with them and showed me how to paint the house address numbers on homeowners curbs.  That night when I came home, my pockets were stuffed with $1 and $5 bills.  The money was falling out of my pockets.  When I counted the crinkled money in my pockets, I had made $60.  I worked for 3 hours and made $20/hr.  I couldn't believe it.  After that day, I asked him to take me out again, and the next day the same thing happened.  I worked for 3 hours, got 13 houses to purchase my services, charged $5 a house, and came home with $65.  I wasn't even good at it and I was still making $20/hr.  After that experience, I never worked at Macy's again!

Compared to working in a department store, fast food place, restaurant, or other local store, and making a little over minimum wage, I was raking it in.  I couldnít understand why other people werenít painting the curb address numbers instead of doing those other jobs.  It has been a great job for me, and it can be for you too!  Let me teach you how!

This course, "Curb Painting - A Step by Step Approach to Making $40/hr" is the real deal.  I wrote the course using knowledge of actually doing the job myself.  I started out making $20/hr when I first began painting house address numbers on curbs.  Then as I gained more experience and got better at the craft, I found that there were other selling and advertising (promotional flier) techniques that when added to what I had been doing previously, pushed up my earnings to $40/hr.

Painting house address numbers on homeowners curbs does not require any advertising costs.  It is not over populated like software sellers you see on auction sites, and unlike candy bar businesses, you can make $40/hr or more doing it. This is not a line, "This course will pay for itself the first day you work."  Do you know of any job where while your working you could say this, Ah, I made enough money for today, I think I'll stop now.  I only know of one, and it is this curb painting job.  You will have no boss, and no responsibilities to anyone other than the homeowners that you sell your services to.  You can start or stop working whenever you want and you will have great earning potential while you are working.

One of the great things about this business is that it requires No overhead, No inventory, and No advertising costs. How many other businesses can say that? You don't have to wait for your customers to come to you. You will always know exactly where to find customers because wherever houses are located, your services will always be in high demand! Everyday you will be talking to many homeowners that will want to purchase your curb painting services and skill!

What supplies do you need to have to do this job?
I will tell you everything you need to know, what to purchase and where to get it.  You will need to make a curb border.   If you can use a ruler and scissors, then you can make your own border out of cardboard.  I will give you a drawing to show you exactly what to do and where to cut.  I will tell you exactly what to say to prospective homeowners to get them to purchase your services.

For you guys out there, let me tell you about one of the fringe benefits of this job.  You get to meet a lot of new and interesting people doing this job and that includes girls.  You never know who is going to answer the door when you ring the bell.  I have been shocked many times when a cute girl answers the door.  You immediately have an "in" to talk to them and sometimes I have even got phone numbers this way!

Spinning Dollar Sign     Can you name another business that will let you work as many or as few hours as you want and make $40/hr?  Doing what you ask?  Painting house address numbers on home owners curbs and driveways.  Again, it isn't  glamorous, but it also isn't hard.  It is actually very easy to do this business well and make decent money.  To give you and example of how you would make $40/hr, if you walked around your neighborhood or in a housing development, I'm guessing that there would be numerous houses.  Lets say there are (40) houses in the neighborhood you were walking around in.  Money earned from Curb Painting Address Numbers! If just (4) of those houses purchase your services, and you charge each one of them $10, you have just made $40/hr and that is pure profit!  In that example, you are making $40/hr with only getting 1 out of 10 houses to purchase your services.  Imagine you get 2 out of 10 houses to say yes.  For those same forty houses, you would make $80/hr, again pure profit!   This is not a scam.  It is for real.  You do not need me to make the $40/hr this way, but for those of you who don't want to struggle and don't know how to begin this type of job and just might need a little help, my will tell you everything you need to know.  In the course, there are step by step instructions of exactly what you do, where to buy your supplies, and how to paint the house address numbers.  You don't need to be a rocket scientist or have a college education to do this job.  All you need to have is the ambition and desire to make a little extra money.  You don't need a computer.  You don't need a printer.  You don't need anything high tech!  All you need is some spray paint, stencils, and a few other minor items and your up and running and making money!  I will tell you everything you need to know.

There are plenty of houses out there for everyone, so donít think you won't make any money if someone else is buying this course.  There are hundreds of thousands of houses in the world, plenty to go around.  Itís time for you to decide if you would like to make some extra money.  The choice is yours.  I can help you make $40/hr or more.  Order your course today and start making money tomorrow.  For $14.95, the cost of a take out pizza, you can learn a new skill that is in high demand!  You won't be sorry if you buy this course!

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